The Nursery

I started thinking of Eesa’s nursery almost immediately after I got pregnant. I knew we would be moving to a new place before we had the baby, so I had to hold off on the actual doing of the nursery, but I sure had fun planning it in the meanwhile! The theme was easy, my husbands favourite animals are giraffes. Perfect for a neutral nursery. The furniture I knew I would want it to be white, and the room colour we chose together was mint. So here’s a look, part by part 🙂

The Door


Pretty self-explanatory.

The Crib 


The crib I wanted was super simple, I wanted straight clean edges and a minimalistic look. We actually chose a crib that was curvy and I just couldn’t imagine it, so we switched before receiving it, and I’m very happy we did! My mother in law graciously offered to pay for the crib and the baby’s dresser, which we were so grateful for. The paintings above the crib were done by me, and in bright colours to attract baby’s attention. He loves them, and talks to them each morning!

The Dresser 

The dresser I wanted was something he would be able to use when he was a bit older too, so we went for a basic IKEA 6 drawer malm dresser. On top of the dresser we keep the changing pad with a mint cover, and a giraffe quilt hand sewn by my best friends mom. We also keep a basket of things we use often like creams, saline spray, the nosefrieda, and a few other random items. We also keep his giraffe nightlight on there, which projects stars and moons on his ceiling in different colours. He loves to sleep on his back so I’m not too sure how useful that really is haha. I made his paintings here to help him learn his english and his arabic alphabet.

The Mirror Wall 


I’m very interested in the Montessori style of education, and so a component on the room that I wanted was a mirror wall with a bar. It is intended to capture their interest and encourage the baby to pull themselves up. It also helps them understand their environment better. Both the mirrors and rod were from IKEA, totalling less than $30. Eesa is getting used to the wall but really enjoys looking at himself and us in the mirrors.

The Play Area 


Again keeping with the Montessori style, his play shelves are short and within his reach. The bottom shelves are empty for now, but once he starts crawling I will probably keep his favoured toys there. The top shelves have giraffe printed baskets which contain some of his toys (he has way too many toys already) Above his shelf right now are his books, as he gets a bit older I intend to build some sleek shelves there to use as a simple bookshelf. The paintings here are also made by me.

The Nursing Corner 

Another aspect that was super important to my husband was to have a comfy chair in the room. We didn’t know what kind of baby we would have but wanted to have a place to rock and soothe him. We found this Dutailier glider second-hand for a great price, because they are very very pricey new. We love it so much! It works amazing, especially in that newborn stage where they just love being held. Beside it we keep a table with all his little shoes, and some space for anything we may want to have with us while we rock him. Above the table I made a chalk drawing that says “First we had each other, then we had you, now we have everything” and it genuinely feels that way even though my husband feels it is unfair to any more children we have 😛

And that is it! I had a lot of fun with his nursery and I really hope he loves it too. We will probably redesign it around the 1 year mark, follow us for more updates! If you’d like to see  Eesa pictures more often, follow us on instagram 🙂

Until next time!


-Sana and Eesa 🙂





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