Baby Led Weaning

When Eesa turned 5 months old it was obvious he was ready to eat. Normally most people wait until 6 months to start baby led weaning. Here are some requirements that the baby must have, which all babies achieve at different stages:

  1. Good hand-eye co-ordination. Your baby must be able to pick up items and bring them to their own mouth, otherwise you defeat the purpose of baby led weaning.
  2. Able to hold their head steady, and preferably sit up on their own with a bit of support. Eesa was pretty much sitting up on his own by 5 months.
  3. Lost tongue thrust reflex. Babies naturally push outwards when they are born, and after a few months they learn to suck in instead of push out.
  4. Baby shows interest in food. You’ll know this when it happens. Your baby will watch you eat and drink as if it’s the most marvellous thing they’ve ever seen.

Since Eesa fulfilled all of these and we got the OK from his paediatrician, we decided to go ahead and start him on solids. The first thing we started with was some sweet potato fries that I baked for him. At the same time we also started him on water. We bought the Dr. Browns sippy cup and placed it in from of him. He doesn’t quite get it, but at least it’s there for him when he figures it out.

After the sweet potato we really have just tried whatever we felt like. Here’s a list of some of the foods we’ve tried with him:

  • Banana’s
  • Apple’s
  • Grape’s
  • Honeydew
  • Zucchini
  • Celery
  • Sweet Potato
  • Carrots
  • Green Peppers
  • Green Beans
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Naan bread
  • Pancakes
  • Avocado

So far he has eaten everything we have given him, and that’s why I’ve been giving him as many veggies as I can. I want him to get used to it, given his daddy doesn’t eat any veggies, I’m already fighting an uphill battle on that one!

Overall, I love baby led weaning. I never spend time or energy pureeing my foods (plus I save all that dishwashing/cleanup) and I don’t have to sit there spoon feeding him. He eats  whatever we’re eating already, and usually he eats while we are eating too so it’s like we’re a little family 🙂

Until next time!


6 Month Update

I was so emotional as my son turned 6 months. I never expected to love him as much as I do, and be so happy and sad at the same time at how quickly these past 6 months have gone. He’s not considered a little baby anymore! Here’s how this past month has been.


Height/Weight: Eesa was weighed at his 6 month appointment and he was 15.3lbs. Still on the smaller end of babies, but growing according to his own curve.Grow baby grow!

Daily: His day is pretty much the same as it was when he was 5 months old. He wakes up at 8:30-9:00 for a feeding, then talks himself to sleep. He naps until about 11:30-12:00pm then wakes up, drinks milk, eats some solids (we are doing baby-led weaning) and plays with his toys. Sometimes he does time in the jolly jumper too. He takes a nap, and goes in this cycles usually until bedtime.


Bedtime: Not much new to say here haha. All I’m learning from these updates is that we are blessed with a very consistent baby. He did not go through any new sleep changes, which we are very very grateful for!

Eating: We started a whole new variety of foods with him! He eats pretty much what we eat or sometimes I make him his own food, but no more purees! And honestly it makes life so much easier and simpler. I love baby-led weaning and will do a post on it soon, as I could go on about it for days.


Sizes: In sweaters he can fit into 6-9months, like the one shown above. He can also fit into Zara pants and sweaters that are 6-9months. Other than that he is still comfortably fitting in his 3-6month clothes still!


Here are some of the things he’s learned recently:

  • Can sit up on his own for long periods of time
  • Can lift himself up onto his hands and knees
  • Can push forwards a little bit
  • Is developing his pincer grip
  • Can chew on foods

That’s all for now! I love him more and more each day and can’t wait for what’s to come! Looking forward to writing on here more often.