Fall Photoshoot

One of my friends did a photoshoot with her baby in the fall, and it was so beautiful. I love Fall in Montreal, all the colors are amazing. So I was inspired to do one with Eesa. This was shot right near where we live, and I loved how the pictures came out! All the pictures were taken by me 🙂


Going Back to School with a 1 year old

So, the night before I start my first class of my 2nd year of my master’s degree, I figured this would be the most appropriate post.

So I actually applied to my program (Human System’s Interventions) before I knew I was pregnant. I found out I was pregnant after I received my acceptance, and then deferred it from there. I figured I would figure out what I wanted to do by then. I had my baby in August, and had to let them know by February if I would joining the program in Fall of 2017.

Come January, I was so confused. I loved being home with my baby, and wanted that to be my priority. At the same time, it was a really good opportunity for me! And if I was going to do it, either I did it now, or after my kids were all old enough ( whenever that would be) With alot of consultation and support from my husband, I decided to go forward with it. I figured if it really didn’t work then I could always leave.

So, I started my degree. Here’s a summary of how it was in bullet form:

– Although this may be implied and seem redundant – it is NOT a bachelor’s degree. It was WAY harder, and just a whole different level of academics.

– I never had free time, but I did make time to see my friends because I knew I needed that to stay sane. You need outlets to be able to work harder and better at everything you’re doing. Balance.

– Support is everything. Without my amazing husband, mother, and friends I qould never have been able to feel as comfortable as I did. Eesa did not go to daycare or a babysitter that wasn’t one of my best friends for even one day.

– It was an absolutely amazing experience. I finished my year with straight A’s, and felt like I had learned more in 1 year than in my entire undergraduate degree.

– With a baby not in daycare, naptime is your BEST FRIEND. Eesa goes to bed around 9:30-10:00 so there was no way I was doing homework after bedtime.

After I finished my last paper my husband surprised me with tickets for “Stars on ice” which was a dream come true – I’ve wanted to go to a figure skating show since I was a little girl.


I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’m excited/nervous for year 2, and can’t wait to see what I will learn next.


Cake Smash Photoshoot

Okay, If I’m going to restart then where better than his cake smash. We did this at 11 months old since we don’t really celebrate his birthday anyways. I took all the pictures myself, and bought the decor from either the dollar store or party expert. I also made and decorated the cake myself, since Eesa is allergic to eggs and dairy (i.e. any cake that exists) which basically makes every vegan recipe my bff.

Here’s what the setup looked like:


We took a few pictures of him with his shirt on, and then put him in his suspenders and brought out the cake. He was very weary at first, but the photo evidence provided will show that we all left quite happy.

This was so much fun, and I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

The Cost: 

The poufs and the ribbon were from the dollar store: $2.50

The balloons were helium from party expert: $5.00

The triangle banner was from Michaels on liquidation: $2.50

The “one” banner was from party expert: $6.00

The Cake stand from Dollarama: $4.00

Total Cost: $20 = happy mama!


It’s Been A Long Time

The last time I wrote on here was August 24,2017. Pretty typical me 😂 But you know what, it was a lot of fun reading back and seeing moments in Eesa’s first year. He’s 21 months old now!

And what a year it’s been. I finished my first year of my master’s degree, got my first contract, and had an amazing time. Eesa has gotten so much bigger and is constantly going through so many changes, that I really wished I recorded more of. So here’s a little recap:

First Steps: July 11th, 2017

Went to Paris & Belgium: November 16-21st, 2017

Re-designed Eesa’s room: December ish 2017

Eesa spoke less than 10 words: 15 month checkup

Eesa spoke between 10-30 words: 18 month checkup

I stopped counting Eesa’s words: 20 months. He’s easily past the 200 mark at this point

There is so much more to speak about this year, but I don’t even know where to start from.

So for now, here’s one of my favourite pictures of Eesa from this year.