Cake Smash Photoshoot

Okay, If I’m going to restart then where better than his cake smash. We did this at 11 months old since we don’t really celebrate his birthday anyways. I took all the pictures myself, and bought the decor from either the dollar store or party expert. I also made and decorated the cake myself, since Eesa is allergic to eggs and dairy (i.e. any cake that exists) which basically makes every vegan recipe my bff.

Here’s what the setup looked like:


We took a few pictures of him with his shirt on, and then put him in his suspenders and brought out the cake. He was very weary at first, but the photo evidence provided will show that we all left quite happy.

This was so much fun, and I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

The Cost: 

The poufs and the ribbon were from the dollar store: $2.50

The balloons were helium from party expert: $5.00

The triangle banner was from Michaels on liquidation: $2.50

The “one” banner was from party expert: $6.00

The Cake stand from Dollarama: $4.00

Total Cost: $20 = happy mama!



It’s Been A Long Time

The last time I wrote on here was August 24,2017. Pretty typical me 😂 But you know what, it was a lot of fun reading back and seeing moments in Eesa’s first year. He’s 21 months old now!

And what a year it’s been. I finished my first year of my master’s degree, got my first contract, and had an amazing time. Eesa has gotten so much bigger and is constantly going through so many changes, that I really wished I recorded more of. So here’s a little recap:

First Steps: July 11th, 2017

Went to Paris & Belgium: November 16-21st, 2017

Re-designed Eesa’s room: December ish 2017

Eesa spoke less than 10 words: 15 month checkup

Eesa spoke between 10-30 words: 18 month checkup

I stopped counting Eesa’s words: 20 months. He’s easily past the 200 mark at this point

There is so much more to speak about this year, but I don’t even know where to start from.

So for now, here’s one of my favourite pictures of Eesa from this year.


Tiny but Mighty

Tonight as I put you to bed my sweet baby, you wrapped your tiny little arms around my neck saying “Mama, Mama, Mama” and smiling up at me. You nuzzled your head into my neck and slowly drifted off to sleep, keeping a strong hold of my head in your arms. 

In that moment, I felt my whole heart full. You complete a part of me I never knew I was missing. I love you more than anything I have ever loved before, and each day I somehow love you more and more and more. 

Montessori Floor Bed

I had read about the montessori bed before I gave birth. The concept is simple, you do not have a crib. You have a mattress on the floor. While the baby is a newborn you use a cot like a moses basket, and either place that on the matress or in your room. After a few weeks you transfer baby straight onto the mattress and go from there.

Honestly, I was too afraid. Even with the bumpers under the sheets to prevent them from rolling off, I still felt scared that he would roll into the sides and stop breathing. Whereas with the crib I could keep his mattress bare and knew he should be okay. Plus I liked the look of the crib and my mother-in-law really wanted to gift us a crib. So we decided to crib it for a few months.

But we both knew that once Eesa was able to stand in his crib and we had to lower it to the lowest level, we would want him out of there. I did not want him to learn of the crib as a restriction for him. I wanted him to have his independence within his own room and make the decision to sleep.
I also expected that to happen around 10-12 months old. So when he was able to stand at 7 months old I was a little thrown back. I waited until about 9 months old honestly just because I got busy, not because I felt like he needed the extra time. So at 9 months old we dismantled his crib (but kept the pieces in our room in case this went horribly wrong) and laid his mattress of the floor in the exact same place.

I then made sure the room was clear of anything he could potentially hurt himself with because he would now have the freedom of playing without my supervision. He quickly figured out that he was no longer restricted, and for the first 2 nights he would crawl to the door and cry until we went to get him. The second night he woke up in the middle of the night, ate and then decided he wanted to play. So I left him in his room with his nightlight on, and he played for a bit and then went to sleep. It was wonderful.


It is super plain and not pretty right now, I will redesign his room around his 1st birthday when he gets used to the bed 🙂 

He crawled into his own bed and decided to sleep. I was ecstatic. He now sleeps like that every night. Some nights we pat his back to sleep, some nights he is knocked out before we even put him down after nursing, and some nights he is upset for a few minutes but eventually crawls himself into bed and sleeps like a baby 🙂 We do the same thing for naps.


All in all, I am very happy with it. His room needs a redesign because it now feels very empty without the crib. His toy shelf got a makeover, with his bins gone and a variety of toys displayed for him to choose.


Sometimes, we end up like this, and that is okay too. 

He’s growing up *tear* I love you Eesa.

Eesa’s First Haircut

Today we went for Eesa’s first haircut! The fact that I’m writing this on the same day is a first. I was actually quite nervous about getting his haircut. We shaved his head completely when he was a newborn, and then trimmed only the sides at about 4 months to help things grow evenly. At 5 months my husband wanted to “even” everything out and accidentally shaved it too low so we had to just shave the whole thing 😭 I was not too happy about it, and decided that next time I would wait for it to be long enough for him to get a proper haircut.


My little Baldy

So that is why we waited until now, and with Eid coming up we felt like it would be nice to get him a haircut 🙂 I wanted to get him a bit of a fade. We decided to go to Minicoupe in Laval, and they were amazing! She talked and cheered him on the whole time, and was able to do exactly what I wanted. I will be going back there for all future haircuts until he is old enough to go to his daddy’s hairdresser.





We are very happy! He looks older and less like a baby – which I obviously have 39485 emotions about.

7-10 Month Update 

So it has been 4 months. I may be a bit behind. Basically around the time I wrote my last update I started an elimination diet because my eczema was out of control (I will probably write a post about that later) and once that was done I just simply lost touch. But reading back, I really enjoy seeing how my baby has grown, and my own thoughts and feelings in the process. And if that is how much I enjoy it now, I cannot imagine how I will feel a few years from now. So even though it has been four months, here’s to trying again!


Height/Weight: Eesa weighed in at 17.7lbs a few days ago. So very much so still a small little guy, but the doctor is still not at all concerned because he’s consistenly growing.

Daily: His daily schedule actually has not even changed that much. He wakes up around 9:30-10:00am. He plays in his room for a bit (we removed his crib so he can move around in his room – more on that later) so he plays for 30mins to 1hr sometimes. He nurses and then we have breakfast together. After that he plays until he shows signs of sleepiness around 1:00-2:00pm. Then he’ll nurse again and take a nap until somewhere between 4:00-5:00pm. Once he’s done napping we usually go out either to the park or to see grandparents or friends. If he woke up early from his nap then sometimes he takes an evening nap for 30-45mins. Then we come home and we play until he is ready for bed.

Bedtime: Bedtime is actually relatively the same, which is no routine. We change his diaper and put him in a onesie when we get home from the day, and then nurse him and if he sleepy we put him in his bed, if he is awake then we play with him until he gets sleepy. Sometimes if he is having trouble putting himself to sleep we pat his back until he falls asleep, and sometimes we let him figure things out for himself for a few minutes to see if he’ll settle himself back to sleep.

Eating: We are still baby-led weaning and loving it! He eats anything and can actually eat quite a large quantity too. I can maybe go into a detailed post about what exactly he eats. He has quite a few allergies so we try to work around those. He does not seem to dislike anything really so we just continue to give him mostly what we are having with a few exceptions.


Sizes: Oh gosh, don’t even get me started. He still wears 3-6months in most of his clothing. He wears some 6-9months clothing but lets be real, the boy is 10 months old.

Here are some of the things he’s learned recently:

  • Learned crawling at 6.5 months
  • Learned to pull himself up at 7 months
  • Started cruising at 7.5 months
  • Babbles alot, says baba
  • Can wave and clap when he feels like it
  • Has four teeth yay!
  • Can climb stairs quite efficiently I might add

I’m so happy to be writing here again. I really hope I will look back and be grateful to have these in my repertoire.


Baby Led Weaning

When Eesa turned 5 months old it was obvious he was ready to eat. Normally most people wait until 6 months to start baby led weaning. Here are some requirements that the baby must have, which all babies achieve at different stages:

  1. Good hand-eye co-ordination. Your baby must be able to pick up items and bring them to their own mouth, otherwise you defeat the purpose of baby led weaning.
  2. Able to hold their head steady, and preferably sit up on their own with a bit of support. Eesa was pretty much sitting up on his own by 5 months.
  3. Lost tongue thrust reflex. Babies naturally push outwards when they are born, and after a few months they learn to suck in instead of push out.
  4. Baby shows interest in food. You’ll know this when it happens. Your baby will watch you eat and drink as if it’s the most marvellous thing they’ve ever seen.

Since Eesa fulfilled all of these and we got the OK from his paediatrician, we decided to go ahead and start him on solids. The first thing we started with was some sweet potato fries that I baked for him. At the same time we also started him on water. We bought the Dr. Browns sippy cup and placed it in from of him. He doesn’t quite get it, but at least it’s there for him when he figures it out.

After the sweet potato we really have just tried whatever we felt like. Here’s a list of some of the foods we’ve tried with him:

  • Banana’s
  • Apple’s
  • Grape’s
  • Honeydew
  • Zucchini
  • Celery
  • Sweet Potato
  • Carrots
  • Green Peppers
  • Green Beans
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Naan bread
  • Pancakes
  • Avocado

So far he has eaten everything we have given him, and that’s why I’ve been giving him as many veggies as I can. I want him to get used to it, given his daddy doesn’t eat any veggies, I’m already fighting an uphill battle on that one!

Overall, I love baby led weaning. I never spend time or energy pureeing my foods (plus I save all that dishwashing/cleanup) and I don’t have to sit there spoon feeding him. He eats  whatever we’re eating already, and usually he eats while we are eating too so it’s like we’re a little family 🙂

Until next time!